Write your own first lines




Can you write a better first line than Trollope?  Which of these is the first sentence in his book The Warden?

1  Mr Harding had married early in life, and was the father of two daughters.

2  Eleanor would not have ventured on this subject had she felt less irritated.

3  Mr Harding has now been precentor of Barchester for ten years; and, alas, the murmurs respecting the proceeds of Hiram's estate are again becoming audible.

4  The Rev. Septimus Harding was, a few years since, a beneficed clergyman residing in the cathedral town of __; let us call it Barchester.

5  It was a rather tedious walk from the station to the village, and from the village to Holly Lodge, which lay some mile and a half beyond.

You can be an author too.  Just dream up what could be the first line of Chapter One in a book for which you have been given a brief description - you will be playing against four other players, and you choose what you think is the correct first line from their first lines as well as the actual one.  Points are awarded for playing, voting and identifying the correct first line, but you will get the most points for convincing other players that yours is the correct one!  Once you have submitted your line, you will be notified by e-mail when the game is ready for voting.

It’s easy to play and we think you’ll be laughing so much you’ll find it hard to stop! The only limitation is your imagination!

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Have fun! (and the correct first line in Trollope's book The Warden is no 4.)

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